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These are the posts parodying the famous blog, "justgirlythings"- we don't all relate to that blog, do we? Cuddling with our boyfriend, living in paradise... Just some things i don't like about that blog. It makes me miserable. So here are some things we can all relate to. or laugh at, whatever works for you. (p.s want to submit your own? Click the 'ask, submit, or suggest' button! Or, just tag it with: "just girly things parody submit")
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What happened to ur other posts? It feels like it got deleted


Nope, I haven’t deleted anything…

I love this blog omg makes my day


Thanks bæ

love these requests/suggestions/submits from you guys! sorry if it takes a while ;P
thanks cheastle for this!!! awesome! 
thanks to whoever tagged this w/ us, but then deleted it so i couldn&#8217;t give credit :(
thanks, love this!!!

i can't figure out how to reblog stuff from your blog o.o


if you click on the post, their should be a reblog button on the top right corner of our blog. sorry about that!! 

you literally made my day.


you make my 2 days ;-)